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The Dickeyville Grotto, Dickeyville, WI

Dedicated to his love of God and county, Father Matthias Wernerus, Pastor of the Parish from 1918 to his death in 1931, created shrines out of concrete. Into the concrete he placed materials from allover the world...starfish, beach glass, gems, pottery shards, porcelain dolls, angels, fossils, petrified wood, and even ball-shaped stickshift handles, among other things. Along with the main grotto there are six additional shrines. All of the work was done in a five-year period from 1925 to 1930.

Tremendously beautiful. Sacred. Carve out a few hours to spend here.

Location: Dickeyville, Wisconsin

Right in the center of the little town of Dickeyville on Hwy 151. Open year-round.

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